Achmed Ventriloquist Dummy


This doll is 30” tall and his soft foamy body is a shell with a skeleton decal making him look just like the character so many know and love.
His mouth is fully articulated with a toggle switch in the back of his body. He doesn’t realize he accidentally blew himself up and banters with his audience as if he were alive.
His trademark expression “I Keel You” can be yours when you have total control of him.
His head moves side to side and up and down.
He is packaged in a clear, vinyl Ventriloquist’s Carry and Storage bag. An instruction booklet, “How To Talk To Yourself – Lessons in Ventriloquism” is enclosed.

** THIS IS A COLLECTORS ITEM: The item may only be returned if not put into use.    The dolls must not have been removed from the package, having caused tearing of the packaging.The doll kit must be intact, and is to be returned within 5 business days of receipt.The customer must make sure that the kit does not get damaged in transit. If received damaged, it will be returned to sender, voiding the return. There will be a 5% restocking fee upon the receipt of the kit.

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