Walter, José, Bubba J, and Achmed Hot Sauce 4 Pack


Walter, José Jalapeño, and Achmed The Dead Terrorist now have their own hot sauces! “José Jalapeño’s Hot Sauce… On a Steek!” is… you guessed it: jalapeño based, while Walter’s hot sauce is a spicy blend of garlic and habanero that will make you “Shut The Hell Up (and eat it!)”.  Bubba J’s “Sweet-Hot Taste of Victory Mango-Mild Habanero Sauce” takes the checkered flag when it comes to a flavorful addition to any meal or snack that could use a big ol’ boost of extra octane! Achmed’s “Silence! Butt Deadly Hot Sauce” lives up to it’s namesake and is for the serious and brave hot sauce aficionados only! It just may KEEL your tastebuds! Buy one or try all 3! Do you dare!?…


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