Peanut Ventriloquist Dummy


He’s here!.. Yes, it’s the long awaited and super cool, PEANUT VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY!  He’s cute and crazy as ever, and operates just like a professional vent figure with head-stick, hollow body, movable head, and a trigger on the stick to move his mouth! He’s perfect for performing with, or for simply owning the closest thing there is to the real Peanut! And here’s some amazing trivia: His head and face are made from molds of an original sculpt of Peanut by Jeff Dunham himself, just for this dummy!  AND… this little guy’s hands, foot, and shoe are made from scaled-down 3D scans of the original Peanut, AND, he’s over 22” tall!  It does NOT get any cooler than this!  Order him now, before they’re all gone!

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